Breast Augmentation Surgery (Mamoplasty)

Chest area is the most important area in a woman. Women always want to have fuller breasts for a more effective appearance. Breasts smaller than expected are always a problem for women. Therefore, especially women with small breasts look for ways to make their breasts look fuller and larger. There are some classical methods to apply on the this case. However, these classical methods cannot solve the problem. Breast augmentation surgery today is one of the most accurate methods to enlarge breasts. With this method applied in medical environments, it is possible to enlarge breasts in a short time.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery (Mammoplasty)?

Breast Augmentation Surgery, also known as mammoplasty, is a method used to have a fuller breast structure or to eliminate contraction of the breasts after weight loss. This method is not only applied to people who complain about the small size of their breasts. It is also applied to people who have their breasts removed due to various problems or those who have to be re-breasted due to some injuries. Because, breast prosthesis surgery with a prosthetic breast is placed on the chest. This prosthesis can be applied to people with small breasts for whatever reason.

How is Breast Augmentation Done?

 Breast augmentation surgery is performed entirely in medical environments and by experts in the field. The surgery is painless and the interventions are performed on an outpatient basis. Before starting the method, anesthesia is applied to the patient. Medications that are necessary to avoid pain during surgery are given to the patient at this stage. Your doctor will make the right decision on your behalf. After anesthesia, an incision is made in the chest area. The incision step is very important. At this stage, surgeons open hidden incisions on the chest so that there are no marks on the chest. Having  the surgery performed by non-specialists on the issue may result in permanent scars on the chest. At this point, people should be careful when choosing the centers where they will have surgery. These incisions openned on the chest may vary depending on the size of the prosthesis to be applied to your body. The larger the prosthesis, the larger the incision. You will then need to choose a prosthesis for breast augmentation. This is a decision that you will give after you talk with your doctor. You should therefore tell your doctor honestly about your breast expectations. Your doctor will advise you on the selection of the right prosthesis to suit your expectations. Following the selection of the correct prosthesis, this prosthesis is placed on the breast as a final stage.

Recovery Process

 Breast augmentation surgery is applied between 24 hours and 48 hours. It is natural to experience base swelling and pains in the first few weeks after surgery. However, after a few weeks these pains will completely disappear and the desired image will appear on the chest.

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