Lip aesthetics is the kind of aesthetics that women often apply today in order to beautify. Full and conspicuous lips have been recognized as a symbol of beauty and aesthetic world throughout history. Some women who are uncomfortable with the fineness of their lips want to have fuller lips with  lip aesthetics. But there are some reasons for the thinning of the lips. Some people have a structural fineness. In some people, lip thinning is seen due to age and menopause. Thin lip problem can be corrected by surgical or non-surgical methods.

In operative methods, the application is to inject the fat taking some other areas into the lip. However, this method has led the  aesthetic physicians to prefer fillers which are much easier to treat in terms of lip plumping because of the necessity of repetition and its persistence of the old method. Red and white line injections on the lips make the lip structure visible. In another method, it is possible to make corrections in the lips by applying injections into the areas called lip mucosa and philtrum. In such methods, hyaluronic acid-containing preparations are often used.

It is a misconduct to apply long-lasting and lifelong lip plumping methods that most women want. Long-acting plumping method disrupts the aesthetic structure of the lip, creates hardness, fibroma and grounding. So, temporary lip plumping should always be prefered. However, if the patient wants a long-lasting long-lasting lip filling, a permanent lip silicone called permapil can be applied. The moving structure of the lip area makes this area disadvantageous. For this reason, many different companies have made different special preferences like “lip” and “kiss” by increasing the stabilization. Specially produced  lip fillers are considered to be preferred. Thanks to those special fillings, the patient can have full lips for 6-7 months. These are lip plumping aesthetic fillers such as Restylane Lip Volume, Juvederm Volift and Teosyal Kiss. Recently, special lip plumping fillers called Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Volift have been developed. Juvederm Volift is used for lip plumping and lip filling, while Juvederm Volbella is used for lip contour formation as well as lip wrinkle treatments.

 The  lip plumping aesthetic operation takes approximately 15 minutes. The application of cold water or ice after the operation will improve the quality of the filling. One of the less preferred methods in lip plumping is the operation of the lip to shift the mucosal region towards the front. Today, because of the success of fillers, this method has lost its credibility and is not preferred. Appropriate plump preferences should be used in  lip aesthetic application.

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