Face Lifting Aesthetics (Rhytidoplasty)

Face lifting aesthetics is a kind of facial rejuvenation and lifting surgery performed to eliminate the signs of aging and wrinkles in the cheeks and neck area. This  aesthetic operation aims to eliminate prolapse of the skin of the face and neck, and lipdiosis under the chinn if tere is any. In recent years, along with technological products developed with respect to aesthetic concerns, such operations have become more widespread and easier.

The Operation

The surgery takes an around of 5-6 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. In the procedure, an incision is made by surgeon in such a way that it fits into the curvature of the ear just behind the temple area and then the incision is extended to the earlobe and rotates to the back area and is extended until it reaches the scalp again. The cheek and neck skin is released by entering through this incision, prolapsed tissue under the skin and muscle area are collected, excess fat and skin tissues are cut off and the skin is closed to end the surgery.

 Face lifting surgery is a very detailed and highly important  aesthetic operation. An aesthetic correction is also performed after surgery in order to avoid any signs of  aesthetic operation in and around the face area. Also there are non-surgical  face lifting operations, fat transfer and rope hanging method applied by the experts. But, these methods have disadvantages.

The Benefits

Face lifting surgery done because of aesthetic concerns and problems, primarily aims to eliminate prolapse and wrinkle problems. The method that helps individuals who pays a treasure to eliminate the bad look caused by many different factors suck as aging, sun harm, prolapse in the skin tissue etc, gives a chance to find the easiest solution to look younger.

You will realize your true beauty when you are at least 10 years younger with an aesthetic operation that will restore the freshness and vitality of your skin while at the same time renewing the skin. As your personal self-esteem increases, you’ll be able to enjoy looking younger.

The Recovery

The complication rate is generally low after  face lifting surgery. But, swelling, bruising, numbness and agitation in the face may be experienced. A bandage is applied leaving the eyes, nose and mouth area. In order to prevent accumulation of body fluids and blood under the skin, drainage-shaped rubber tubes are applied within 2 days at the latest. Hair only can be washed 3-4 days later than the operation if the surgeon allows to undress the bandage. The stitches are taken on the 5th and 7th day on average. Patients usually return to work and make up after a week. For two months, heavy exercises and protection from sunlight and avoiding external impacts are recommended. In men, the agitation in the skin is higher after surgery, so men should be more careful shaving. They are usually allowed to shave 2 weeks after surgery.

In order to prevent swelling and bruising on the face after the surgery, it is recommended to use medication given by the doctor and ice bags.

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