It is a killjoy problem for women if breasts are not symmetrical and there can be many reasons for this problem. Even if developmental disorder are considered as the main reason of the problem, but pregnancy, breastfeeding deformation, hormonal imbalances, benign fluid-filled cysts and breast cancer also can be considered as the reason, and so the reason must definitely be identified when assymmetry detected. Even if the mammography results are normal, you should also have an ultrasound.

If you notice asymmetry in your breasts, you should first do a breast examination yourself. With your hands, you should check both your breasts for swelling, mass, adhesion or pain. If one or more of these findings are detected, you should go to a health institution immediately and have an examination by a professional.

However, some women have breasts of a different size from birth. In cases which  breast asymmetry is congenital, developmental and hereditary, then there is usually no such condition as breast cancer which you need to be afraid. But, it is useful to treat such deformity as it can lead to some psychological disorders. Today, medicine in the field of anesthesia and aesthetics is developing very rapidly, even one-size difference between breasts can be solved with simple operations.

The important point is that how and when to start  uneven breast treatment. Breasts begin to grow within two years from the beginning of puberty and mensturation cycle, and continue to grow and shape over a period of two to four years. So, before any  aesthetic surgery is planned and applied, the patient must have reached the age of eighteen and at least six years have passed since the onset of puberty. Because after this period has been completed and reached the end point of development, if there is no pregnancy, there will be no growth or maturation in the breast until the menopause.  Breast asymmetry, which occurs after the development process is complete and when there is no pregnancy, is the most dangerous one. Because, this might be a sign of a hormonal disorder and necessarily requires professional diagnosis and treatment. Apart from these conditions, there is another disease called “virgin hypertrophy” which causes breast growth in adolescence. It is important that the parents should observe such situations carefully and when it is noticed, must apply to a physician for consultation and start the treatment process. We should not forget that our psychological health is very important in addition to our physical health and we should take care diagnosing and treating  breast asymmetry without causing more serious psychological problems.

As we mentioned at the beginning, today’s developments in medicine, breast shaping operations can be shaped according to the structure and size of the breasts, the wishes and needs of the person. Breast augmentation or reduction operations can be applied to either a breast or both.  Uneven breast surgeries usually result successfully. Patients are generally satisfied with these operations and have a high level of self-confidence. However, we need to state that the most successful results of  uneven breast surgeries are the correction operations performed for the difference in the size of the breasts.

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