With the beginning of the summer and so the sea season, the importance given to the beauty of the body increases. And the legs are the most important parts of the body. Legs are one of the most important factors affecting the smoothness and aesthetic appearance of women. Long and smooth legs are very much a woman’s dream and one of the most important symbols of beauty in the female body. It is really important for many women that legs are smooth and beautiful. However, some legs are not structurally curvy and genetically flat.

What is Leg Aesthetic?

 Leg aesthetics may be considered in cases where the legs are too thin or too thick, in distorted leg problems, or when a more muscular leg appearance is desired. The aim of  leg aesthetics is to make the legs more attractive from ankles to hips.

Who is Suitable for Leg Aesthetics?

Suitable candidates are those who are not satisfied with the shape of their legs, who have a soft tissue thickness rather than bone thickness on their knees and ankles, who have braces legs or who want a more muscular leg appearance.

What Needs To Be Done Before The Surgery?

Like in all  aesthetic surgical operations, smoking must be avoided 2 weeks before and after the surgery if the person smokes cigarettes. Using lood thinner drugs like aspirin etc. should be cancelled at least 10 days before the surgery. If there are any other medications or vitamin pills (including Ginseng, CoQ, Gingkobloba etc.) which are taken continuously, they must be discontinued before 1 week. If there is a different situation, the patient should inform his / her doctor.

What is the Technique Used in the Surgery?

The operation can last 1-3 hourse under general anesthesia.  Leg aesthetic surgery can be performed in combination with one or more of the techniques according to the patient’s leg structure and the needs of the patient. Liposuction process is applied to the basins, thighs, knees and ankles with fat shaping. Fat can also be transferred to the required areas. In very thin legs, specially designed silicone prostheses can be attached to the calves by entering 2 cm incisions behind the knee. Vertical thigh lifting can be performed after excess weight gain, especially to remove excess skin accumulated in the legs. But in this operation, even though the inner thighs fade with time, there will be traces that will never disappear completely. Patients should be informed about this scar before  leg aesthetic surgery.

Patients are usually discharged from the hospital the next day. S/he can take a shower on the second day. It is recommended to wear corsets such as socks for the first three weeks. There may be slight bruises in the areas where it is formed with fat. After three weeks, these bruises will disappear. In order to reduce oedema rapidly, it is recommended that patients lie with a pillow under their legs. If the calf prosthesis is applied, it is recommended to limit the movements for the first three weeks. The first six weeks of sports activities are restricted. Lymph drainage massage is recommended to reduce oedema faster in the postoperative months.

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