What is Gynaecomastia?

The number of men having growing-breast which is a problem that men suffer and shows the effect in daily life too much and also depresses the individual psychologically, increases nowadays and makes life difficult for men. In medical literature, growing breast in men is called “ gynaecomastia”. In short,  Gynaecomastia is the unnatural growth of the male breast and chest like a female breast. Although the exact cause is unknown, it is said by doctors that there can be many reasons for  gynaecomastia. It is one of the information that is caused by the imbalance of sex hormones in general. Breast growth which begins in adolescence, disappears itself in a few years. But sometimes it continues to grow in may men. Although it is not a condition that will deteriorate one’s health or cause loss of life, in very rare cases it may put a person’s life at risk. Mostly, it is a disorder that affects individuals psychology and in a social way, and makes them feel humiliating in society.

What Causes Gynaecomastia and How is the Treatment?

There are many causes of  gynecomastia. Some of these are, having overweight, renal failure, insufficient testosterone or operational reasons, problems continuing with the increase in estrogen hormone, a person’s hormonal disorder and consumption of alcohol. And also there can be many other problems in addtion to those we just mentioned.

 Gynaecomastia in men is now an easily cured condition. But this is certainly not something you can correct with various pills, creams or different health products or by doing sports. What needs to be done is a  surgical operation. Also, there are 3 different types of  gynecomastia called glandular, mixed type and lipomatous. The most common type is the mixed type, which is formed as an increase in both adipose and breast tissue.

The Operation

 Gynecomastia is caused by the growth of breast tissue. Although this growth rarely occurs before puberty, it occurs mostly after puberty. Patients admitted with this condition are examined and radiological tests are definitely needed. During puberty, 60-70% of boys develop mammary gland growth, but not very large. It disappears between 6 and 18 months and returns to its normal appearance.  Gynecomastia occurs in 40% of adult and 18-20 year-old males in different types, and the growth occurs on one or both sides.  Breast gland removal and liposuction methods are the most appropriate surgical methods. However, the method of treatment varies according to the patient’s symptoms. Good results are obtained with liposuction method applied to breast tissue in patients with excess fat tissue. The breast tissue also should be removed in patients who have excess breast tissue, in addition to the excess adipose tissue. If there is an excess of skin on the breast and adipose tissue, the skin should also be removed. After this operation, bandage is applied to the patient for 3 weeks and the patient is called for monthly checks.

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