Face filling is the general name of the substances to be injected given under the skin and used for removing wrinkles, the treatment of scars, the elimination of fine lines formed on the skin. With the face filling, patients’ faces become younger. Wrinkles and prolapse of the skin emerge over time and age. The wrinkles and prolapses are eliminated with face filling. Wrinkles caused by fat tissue loss can be treated by filling with an artificial filling and the patient can have a healthier appearance than before.

How is It Done?

Face filling is made by injecting fat into the complained areas such as facial contours, lips, cheeks and foreheads, with the help of a fine-tipped needle to wrinkles and sinks. It is recommended that people who will have face filling should have a full hygienic cleaning on their faces usually one day before the application. The institution where the application will be applied must be carefully selected.

The process takes about 30 minutes. The duration may vary on patient’s codition. The change after filling is immediately noticeable. After this small operation, people with fillings can continue their normal lives. There are no negative side effects. The duration of permanence of facial fillings on the face depends on the person. In general, it has a long-lasting effect for around 20 months. Face filling can be applied in nose lifting surgery, removing acne and scars, thickening or thinning of lips, clarifying cheekbones, shaping eyebrows, treatment of lines extending from mouth edge to chin, treatment of lines formed around the mouth, and treatment of prolapses occured on face.

The Benefits

Facial fillings make the face with wrinkles look younger. Also, it prevents the skin diseases. Wrinkles or lines on the face are usually seen in people with dry skin. Facial wrinkles or lines can be formed by diluted the fat on the face or by facial expressions made by the person continuously. Whether it is the thinning of the fat layer or the wrinkle caused by facial facial expressions, these complaints end with facial filling. With the face filling, the capillaries in the facial lines get more oxygen and give the face appearance more vitality.

Facial filling is preferred more and more every day. The main reason is a combination of factors such as stress, intense work tempo, inactivity and insomnia besides biological effects. Some people have seasonal wrinkles and streaks. And this is a problem that can be solved with face padding.

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