Breast reduction is a surgical procedure performed on breasts that are larger than normal sizes. One of the complaints of women with larger breasts is the neck back and shoulder pain.  Breast reduction surgery is a necessity to eliminate such discomfort and more serious conditions. One of the biggest complaints of women with large breasts is that they have infections under the breast because breast prolapse. Most women with large breasts have rash and fungus problem that appaer under their breasts.

The Surgery Process

A number of tests are applied to the patient who will have a  breast reduction surgery before she is taken to the surgery. Risk level of the operation must be considered with a mammography. If patients have a chronicle diseases, the medication of them must be taken into consideration. One of the biggest fears of a woman who wants to have  breast reduction surgery is surgical intervention. But, if the surgery is performed correctly and by an expert, there will be nothing to be worried about. In  breast reduction surgery, firstly the length and width of the new breast is drawn according to the sizes of the current breast. The surgery takes approximately 2 to 4 hours under general surgery.

The Benefits

Big breasts are nightmares of many women. Surgical operation is one of the ways to get rid of this condition which both physically and mentally disturbs women. Women who have the surgery gains their self-confidence back. Sometimes women who can’t find the clothes they desire because of their large breasts can now easily wear what they want. In addition, the large breasts pull the back of the body forward, causing waist and neck pain. Most women have differences in walking and sitting after  breast reduction surgery.

The Recovery

There may be some difficulties in moving the arms for a few days after surgery. Postoperative swelling, bruising, numbness of the nipple is normal. Pain relief treatmen is given to the patient in the first days. Drains are positions inside the area to prevent blood accumulation. Drains are removed and dressing is applied two days after the operation. A separate dressing is applied to the nipple. Breast sutures are taken between 12-15 days. The breasts are lighter compared to the body structure in the first stage. Over time, skin color gets the harmony. In  breast reduction surgery, healing time may decrease and increase depending on the size of the breast. Larger breasts require more surgical intervention and may take longer time to recover. But in general, patients may return to normal life within a few weeks. In any case, it is recommended that patients who have  breast reduction surgery have to be careful in the first three months after the surgery. Complete recovery may take up to 6 months after the surgery.

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