Breast Lifting Surgery (Mastopexy)

Prolapse of the breasts over time or due to weight gain is seen as an aesthetic problem. In addition to exercises for tightening and  lifting breasts, cosmetic products are also widely used. However, if accurate and rapid results are desired,  breast lifting surgery needs to be preferred.  Breast lifting surgery helps to reshape breast tissue while providing breast lifted.

What Causes Breast Prolapse?

Prolapse may be caused by many different reasons. Prolapse is common after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The breasts that become tense and grown reduring pregnancy are reverted back after breastfeeding. This causes the prolapse of the breasts. In addition, too much weight loss may occur breast prolapse as a result. Losing weight usually means losing breast volume. In this case, breast lifting operations can be applied.

The Operations

Surgery for prolapsed breasts is one of the most commonly applied techniques. If there is excess skin around the breast, it will be removed and the chest is reshaped. In this technique, 2 or more incisions may be made to the breast region. Another method used in  breast lifting surgery is elevator type lifting.

Elevator Type Lifting

In case of excessive prolapse, elevator type  breast lifting surgery can also be performed in which excess skin and prolapsed tissues are removed from the breasts. This technique gives the best results. 3 incisions are made from the bottom and along the fold to the vertical chest line. This method along with the  lifting can be used together with the breast reduction.  Breast lift surgery also helps with slight prolapses by periareolar  breast lifting surgery.

Periareolar Breast Lifting Surgery

This technique is applied in case of slight prolapses. A circular incision is made around the breast. Then the breasts will be lifted and the procedure is completed.

In some cases, if the breasts are small and prolapsed, both lifting and augmentation surgery can be performed together. The appearance of the breasts as extinguished may occur regarding aging, weight loss or pregnancy. During  breast lift surgery, materials such as breast implants and silicone can be used.

 Breast lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The anesthesia to be used depends on the condition of the patient. Surgery usually takes about 1 or 2 hours. It is usually normal to experience pain and swelling after  breast lift surgery. There can be pain in the surgical area for several days and so the doctor can give painkillers to the patient. Resting at home for a few days after surgery is recommended. In addition, the patient should avoid exhausting exercises for several weeks. It is recommended to use special bras after surgery. It is usually allowed to wear an underwire bra again after about 8 weeks from the surgery.

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