Some areas of the body, including the buttocks, can be difficult to contour through diet and exercise. The amount of fullness that will result largely depends on the amount of existing fat and tissue in the buttocks, the amount of fat injected and the quality of blood flow to the area. We encourage you to read our testimonials and view our before and after photos. Individual patient experiences and results may vary.

A  Brazilian butt lift is a form of buttocks augmentation that uses fat transfer techniques to enhance contours, sculpt the frame and relocate sagging tissue to naturally provide a firm, sculpted derriere. Unwanted fat cells are taken from areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, lower back or thighs via liposuction. These cells are gently prepared before being injected into the gluteus muscles. The fat cells are injected into the buttocks through tiny incisions providing a smooth, round contour without any unnatural lumps.

Who Is Good For A Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

This procedure is not exclusive to only those who desire a significant increase in the size of their bottom. Whether you want to maintain your current size, go a bit larger, or get a more dramatic change in size, this procedure is for you. The combination of adding volume with framing the surrounding areas like the midsection and back will enhance the overall buttock, adding a fuller, rounder, sexier shape.

Candidates include those who have adequate fat cells to harvest from their body, are in good health, and desire greater roundness and fullness of their buttocks.

The Procedure

During the consultation with  Dr. Baran Kul, he will discuss with you the best areas to transfer fat cells from to enhance your over all contour because, as a result of removing fat in those areas, the patients will see a narrowing of their waistline while enhancing their natural curves and the buttocks.

After the fat cells are havrested, they are then carefully separated and purified before reimplementation. The fat cells are then placed carefully in the buttocks to give it more fullness and shape. The amount of fat injected depends upon the amount harvested and the needs and desires of the patient. Although all of the  fat cells do not survive, often 60-70% of the fat grafted remains permanently in the buttocks and behave just like the natural fat cells there. The patient is under anesthesia through small incisions that need only 1 stitch to close each.

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