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Metroport Busidence, Eski Londra Asfaltı, Kültür Sk.
No:1 8.Kat 810, (E-5 Kuzey Yanyol), 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul

About Us

Head Doctor Baran Kul

He is one the top surgeons of Turkey. He has completed his primary school and high school education in Istanbul. He has completed his Medicine Education in Istanbul University Medicine Faculty and he has started his career in 2005 in Sanliurfa. ​

In 2007 He started to work as Research Assistant in Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medicine Faculty Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Branch.

He worked together with the most experienced and talented doctors of plastic surgery like Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Altındaş, Prof. Dr. M. Zeki Güzel, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Çetinkale, Prof. Dr. Yağmur Aydın, Prof. Dr. O. Akın Yücel, ve Op. Dr. Hakan Arslan and completed his study. ​

In 2011 he has gone to USA as Observer Doctor in University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department and worked with Prof. Dr. Seth R. Thaller, Prof. Dr. Christopher J. Salgado and Prof .Dr. Zubin J. Panthaki for 3 months. Same year he has worked with with globally famous surgeons Prof. Dr. Foad Nahai and Prof. Dr. Roderick Hester for 2 months at Clinic of Atlanta Paces Plastic Surgery in Georgia, USA. ​

He completed his thesis on PRP Treatment that is used widely for hair and aesthetic field. ​ ​

In 2013, he became a member of European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) and he attends annual meeting to share his experiences and keep himself up-to-date about new techniques. ​

He is also member of Turkish Society Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.


Trichologist Erdogan SIMSEK

Trichologist Erdogan Simsek, one of the most experienced trichologists in Turkey, has been working with the doctors of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and performing hair transplant procedures together for more than 11 years. Today, for more than 7 years, he has been performing hair transplant procedures by himself. Tr. Simsek keeps improving himself actively attending international hair transplant workshops to follow new techniques in the field.

He performed more than 6500 hair transplant procedures during his career experiencing a wide range of cases of hair transplant such as straight and curly hair. Trichologist Erdogan Simsek’s patients emphasize that they are very happy with the results of their hair transplant procedure.